Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Snarky  DYN 5030

Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Snarky DYN 5030

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DYN 5030
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Skill Level:
4 Expert
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Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Snarky

DynaStar Snarky

The Snarky rocket is a very distinctive rocket kit. It was designed by Shrox, which explains why it has a unique shape. It looks more like an airplane than it does a missile. But don't let that fool you. It is fully rocket-powered, and it is big! This unique combination is definitely something that will get you noticed at your next rocket launch.

The Snarky is designed to look like an Air Force target drone. That means its purpose is to mimic the flight of enemy airplanes, so that the Air Force can practice intercepting it. But this isn't a scale model. We designed it just for kicks, and to show you how much fun you really can have with model rocketry.

Skill Level 4: Slightly Challenging

Length: 28.50" (72.39 cm)

Weight: 6.30 oz (178.6 g)

Diameter (Max): 2.22" (5.64 cm)

Motor Size: 24mm

Recovery System: 32" plastic parachute


Recommended motors:

C11-3(181ft), D12-5, E9-4(796ft), E12-4

E15W-4(994ft), E30T-4(929ft)

E18W-4(1067ft), E28T-4, F12J-5, F24W-7, F39T-6(1228ft)


Unusual Features

The air-scoop on the bottom of the model is just one thing that makes this rocket kit unusual. No other rocket kit has one like this. And it actually helps stabilize the rocket; you'll find that it flies straight as an arrow on every single launch.

Besides the air scoop, the fins are asymmetric. That means they aren't equally spaced around the rocket like they are on other kits. The combination of the scoop and the asymmetric. fins, plus the large size of this kit is what makes it stand out amongst all the other rockets at the flying range.

Besides the cool design, the model is accented by lots of colorful pressure-sensitive decals. Without the teeth, this rocket wouldn't look so mean, would it?


What Makes This A Skill Level 4 Rocket Kit?

The big reason this is a skill level 4 rocket is that the air scoop is created by slicing and dicing up a body tube. You not only have to trim the ends at an angle, but you have to cut a long section out of it to create a tunnel that is glued to the side of the main fuselage.

The fins are also a bit unusual, as you'll have to build up the shapes out of several smaller pieces. It isn't too hard, and the instructions are well done to provide you the necessary guidance in completing the harder steps.

The paint scheme is actually easy. Paint it all white first, and then nose tip red. Finally, cut out the decals and position them on the model. You'll be surprised how easy it is to end up with a great looking rocket.

Lift-off of the Rising Star Payloader


Big Performance on Inexpensive Motors

Like the other kits from "DynaStar Mid-Power Rockets", the Snarky is designed to fly on the less expensive"D" size black-powder rocket motors. And it will give you the same performance as other mid-power kits that require "E" and "F" size composite propellant rocket motors. The lighter weight rockets allow the rocket to fly faster and higher.

How do you get the same performance using smaller motors? Simple: the DynaStar brand of rocket kits use thin-wall body tubes, which are significantly lighter. So the rocket doesn't need a big motor just to get it off the launch pad. You'll save money, because you don't necessarily need to buy larger rocket motors!


Kit Features

Plastic Nose Cone - The smooth plastic nose cone requires no finishing other than a coat of paint. Its 5:1 ogive shape is very efficient for high speed rocket flights.

Colorful pressure-sensitive decals - This is a big reason why is so easy to make this rocket so awesome looking. It is just a matter of applying the sticker-like decals.

Die-cut balsa wood fins - Balsa wood is very lightweight and can be airfoiled by sanding, to reduce the drag forces on the kit. This makes the rocket zoom higher and faster into the sky.

The model also comes with a high-strength, Kevlar®
Shock cord.
 Kevlar® is six times stronger than steel, and is also fire proof. It can easily withstand the high heat of ejection, ensuring the rocket descends as a single piece. This makes for a very durable rocket that can be launched again and again.

Bold, Colorful chute!

Large 1/4 inch Launch Lug - Because this is a bigger model, you'll have a larger lug on the side of the rocket. This is used with mid-power size launch rods, to stabilize the rocket so it doesn't sway in the wind prior to launch.

The large 32" diameter plastic parachute that comes with the kit, brings the rocket down slowly for a nice soft touchdown. The canopy on the parachute is a colorful black and yellow, which is easy to see in the sky, and when it lands on the grass. You'll also find that the chute has tear-proof adhesive rings that reinforce the points on the canopy where the shroud lines attach. These greatly strengthen the parachute canopy, making it practically impossible to damage the parachute. Because this is a big rocket, the parachute is an octagon shape, instead of being a hexagon. Therefore, it has two more suspension lines, meaning it can carry a heavier rocket down to the ground.

  • 5
    This was an easy build due to the templates provided

    Posted by Troy Osborne on 31st Dec 2022

    This is a stand out model that everyone wants to see fly

  • 5
    SNARKY - Great Kit to Build, Looks Mean, Flies Nice

    Posted by David Roy on 4th Jul 2022

    Great Kit to Build, Looks Mean, Flies Nice. Wanted to add Pics n Video but Can't

  • 5
    Very fun build, and looks fantastic!

    Posted by Charlie on 23rd Jun 2022

    Very fun build, and looks fantastic!

  • 5
    Snarky - This was a fun build, great details and looks absolutely great!

    Posted by Robert Chaney on 19th Jun 2022

    This was a fun build, great details and looks absolutely great! I have not launched it yet but can't wait.

  • 5
    Unique and fun to build and fly

    Posted by Eric Becher on 12th Mar 2021

    This was a great rocket to build and fly. The instructions were well thought out, detailed and clear, so by taking your time and following them you will end up with a sharp looking rocket that turns heads. A bit challenging, but not crazy. Patience helps. I also sanded and primed the fins/wings before assembly (sand the glue edges clean before gluing). My finished rocket seems pretty heavy and didn't reach the expected height on a D12-5, but it flew straight and ejected the chute just after apogee, a little over 200ft.