Wall of Shame

I have been in retail for over 40 years and sometimes people do shameful things.

Amazon order 113-9699236-4668249  Daniel from Richmond, VA, places and order for 3 Altitracks and has them delivered to his old address in New Jersey, he even admits it and tells us a day after we shipped.  Then he turns around and gives us negative feedback, then he files a claim and Amazon grants him a full refund.  I am out $60.45 plus $8.59 shipping.

A guy gives me the hardest time because I would not take back his 3 packs of Estes igniters that he burned and still could not get his rocket off the ground.  I even offered to contact Estes on his behalf for some potential replacements.  But no, he wanted to punish me for it.

Jeff Parker of Black Diamond, Washington stole a Chute Release $129.95 by returning an empty package.

Marcus Plank, 2033 COUNTY ROAD 75, ALTURAS, CA - Stole a rocket thru Amazon because the package arrive late.

Kept a Top Shot rocket ordered thru Amazon, the rocket was in transit.  Tracking: 9400111298370583351871  Used Amazon A to Z guarantee to get a refund prior to the rocket arriving.  The item was shipped on 12/3/20 and postal delays occured because of the post office being overwhelmed with shipping during the corona virus so not enough postal people are available.  There was also a major snow storm in the delivery area that could also be causing the delay.  Hannah Doody/Graustein, NORTHFORD, CT 06472-1495

Barry Hartnett, MARICOPA, AZ  Created and order on Amazon with no intent of accepting the item.  It got returned to us as undeliverable.  He was mad at us for the non-delivery, gave us negative feedback and then tried to defraud us by issuing multiple claims with his credit card company and with Amazon.  He will likely fail in getting a double refund.  But, he is making us jump thru hoops to defend our position and give only 1 refund.  Amazons free returns policy has been very bad for retailers like us, the abuse is rampant.  Shameful.

Amazon order number 112-1045922-6373013 Says we shipped him the wrong pack of C11-3's, we asked him for the UPC number off of the product so we could verify what he actually had, We had to ask 3 times and he gave us a run around answer each time, so we have no idea what he has.  Finally he decides to return it COD for the whole amount.  We know as soon as it arrives back here that amazon will automatically issue the refund, but we would have already given him a refund. We hope to never do business again with Takayuki Kamei, 4283 EXPRESS LN STE 8249-918 SARASOTA, FL

On 9/11/23 Melissa from 32147 298th St, Dallas, SD 57529 returned 2 rockets that she purchased thru Amazon and then returned them to us for a refund rather than Amazon who she bought them from.