Eclipse Coming to Dayton, Ohio


Saturday, October 14 11:43am to 2:30pm  Magnitude 0.520  Partial Eclipse



April 8, 2024 Dayton, Ohio will be experiencing a total eclipse.  

Start of Partial Eclipse 1:53:31 PM EDT
Start of Total Eclipse 3:09:29 PM EDT
Maximum Eclipse 3:10:50 PM EDT
End of Total Eclipse 3:12:12 PM EDT
End of Partial Eclipse 4:25:35 PM EDT
Duration of Totality 2 min, 43 sec
Altitude / Azimuth at Maximum +51.8° / 218.9°

Celebrate with eRockets by attending an eclipse party on Monday, April 8th 1pm to 8:30pm, bring a rocket to build or buy one here to build.  eRockets will also be hosting their weekly open house on Tuesday, April 9th from 6pm to 8:30pm.  We will be building rockets this evening too.