Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Orion  DYN 5029

Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Orion DYN 5029

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DYN 5029
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Skill Level:
3 Advanced
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Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Orion

Big model rockets don't have to look so boring and generic. Most mid-power have that look of just three-fins-and-a-nose cone. The Orion kit, designed by Shrox, breaks the mold and is actually an attractive looking larger rocket.

And even though it is big, that doesn't mean it is hard to assemble. It is actually an easy to build rocket. For example, the construction step you may spend more time on is assembling the nozzle on the back end of the model — which by most standards is pretty easy (a Skill Level 3 task). So you'll find yourself flying this model in just a few hours of pleasurable building time

Awesome Flight Using Inexpensive Motors

Unlike other mid-power rockets, the Orion Transport is designed to fly on the less expensive "D" size black-powder rocket motors. And it will give you the same performance as other mid-power kits that require "E" and "F" size composite propellant rocket motors.

How do you get the same performance using smaller motors? Simple: the DynaStar brand of rocket kits use thin-wall body tubes, which are significantly lighter. So the rocket doesn't need a big motor just to get it off the launch pad. You'll save money, because you don't necessarily need to buy larger rocket motors!

History of This Rocket Kit

In the Apogee Peak-of-Flight Newsletter (issue #78), rocket designer Shrox created a free plan of this neat looking rocket. It was personally one of our favorites, because it was easy to build and used easy to find parts. What we did was to take this basic design and upscale it to use the new 56mm diameter nose cone. We also gave it a new set of decals to give it extra pizzazz.

In issue #82, many readers of the newsletter wrote science fiction stories to go with the plans. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading the stories. They are very imaginative, and sometimes humorous. Click Here to download the issue.


Orion Transport


Futuristic space transportation is closer than you think. Not only will you be able to make a trip into space, buy you'll have the option of "luxury" accommodations. That is what the Orion transport is all about; it is a luxury liner for the business traveler.

Just image, in only a few more years, you could board a rocket transport to take you to an orbiting space hotel. It will be similar to boarding an airplane. But the ride to space is far more spectacular.

The "Blue Barrier," as people call it, is one of the most talked about portions of the trip. That is where the sky turns from blue to black as you leave the earth's atmosphere. It is something you'll never forget as you ride the Orion Rocket Transport.

Skill Level 3: Average Skills Needed

Length: 28.50" (72.39 cm)

Weight: 4.76 oz (134.94 g)

Diameter (Max): 2.22" (5.64 cm)

Motor Size: 24mm

Recovery System: 32" plastic parachute

Recommended motors:

Estes C11-3(246ft)

Estes D2-5(481ft)

Apogee E6-4(1295ft)

Estes E9-4(897ft)

Estes E12-4(801ft)

Aerotech E15W-4(1070ft)

Aerotech E18W-4(1144ft)

Aerotech E28T-4 (1098ft)

Aerotech E30T-4(988ft)

Aerotech F12J-5(1255ft)

Aerotech F24W-4(278ft)

Aerotech F39T-6(1270ft)



DynaStar Orion





Orion Rocket. Imagine flying this to some distance planet.


Why is this a Skill Level 3 Rocket?

There are only two steps in the rocket that require more than basic building skills. These are assembling the paper cone that is used as a simulated nozzle, and then painting the bottom of rocket. Since there is some masking involved to get the second color applied correctly, it does take a little extra care and patience. Otherwise, this is a simple to build model that you should be able to assemble as quick as any other beginner level rocket.