Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Amarok  DYN 5048

Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Amarok DYN 5048

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DYN 5048
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Skill Level:
3 Advanced
Motor Mount Size:

Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Amarok  DYN 5048

This mid-power size rocket was inspired by “The Amarok,” which is a mythological wolf in Inuit culture. It is lightning quick and ready to rip the sky apart. Powered by 29mm diameter motors, this rocket is easy to build, and makes a great first mid-power rocket.

Skill Level 3: Average Skills Needed
Length: 36"(91.44 cm)
Weight: 10.6oz(300 g)
Diameter (Maximum): 2.6"(6.6 cm)
Fin Span: 8.35"(21.2cm)
Fin Count: 3
Motor Size: 29mm
Recovery System: 32" Plastic Parachute
Launch Pad Type: Mid Power
Center of Pressure Location: 27.84"(70.71cm) from the tip of the nose cone
Great Mid-Power rocket for those wanting bigger models than Estes
Ejection Baffle, and Vinyl Decals Included
Laser-cut components for easy assembly

Recommended Engines: 

E23-5  766'(233m)

G53-7  2248'(685m)

G76-7  2719'(829m)

F67-6  1582'(482m)

Estes E16-4  708'(216m)

Made in USA



Stalk the Skies

The Amarok is a relatively simple built but a highly capable rocket. It utilizes laser-cut basswood fins, through-the-wall fin tabs, a blow-molded plastic nose cone and several decals. It also includes a baffle. The end result is a ferocious looking rocket that is durable and stands out on the launch field.

As you can see, the Amarok is a decent size rocket. It is a mid-power kit because it utilizes a 29mm motor mount and can fly on a variety of mid-power motors. Although technically possible, we don't recommend using this rocket for your L1 certification. It is just really pushing what this rocket was designed for.

Amarok Launch

You'll find that the Amarok is an easy-to-build rocket. It features pre-cut tubes, including laser-cut fin slots that save you time and increase the durability of the model. It also comes with a smooth-finish, blow-molded nose cone that accepts paint easily without chipping off. You'll also find laser-cut plywood centering rings and basswood fins. In addition, the rocket has multiple sets of vinyl decals and a large 32-inch diameter colorful parachute for a nice slow descent. And of course, since it is made by Apogee Components, it has a highly-illustrated instruction sheet that really helps you make sure this rocket is built correctly and strong.


What Makes This a Skill Level 3 Rocket?

This rocket is rated "slightly challenging" on our rocket kit complexity scale for just one reason: This is a mid-power rocket.

Mid-power rockets do require some experience with rocketry, or at least some experience with model construction. When you get into mid-power motors, you'll notice they are far more powerful than their simpler, black-powder counterparts. These motors have real kick, and so the quality of the construction needs to be higher than some of the low power kits. Weak fillets, improper adhesives, or other sloppy techniques could leave this thing shredded under the power of a G motor, so we recommend some prior building experience for that reason.

Experienced builders also know when not to fly, given the conditions.

Otherwise, this rocket is pretty simple and straightforward. The through-the-wall fins and pre-slotted tubes make alignment easy and improve the durability. The paint scheme is pretty simple, and lends to an easy finish.

Historical Context

The Amarok is a mythological wolf in Inuit culture, specifically in the area now known as Denmark. Tales of the Amarok were passed from generation to generation, and the Amarok stood as a warning to those who would be foolish enough to hunt alone.
In some stories, the people were able to capture or kill the Amarok, but in most others they would speak of dangerous encounters and narrow escapes. It is believed that tales of the Amarok originated from encounters with direwolves, a rather large and ferocious breed of wolf which has since been driven extinct.

Features of the Amarok

All Parts

The Amarok is a high quality build from Dynastar. It includes pre-slotted body tubes, a threaded-rod style motor retainer, a bulkhead disk, vinyl decals, a plastic BT-80 nose cone, a 32" parachute and a display stand for the finished rocket.

Body Tubes

Included is a pre-slotted 66/18 airframe tube and a 66/9 forward airframe. The coupler (in red) joins the two with the baffle.

Motor Mount

The motor mount tube is a 29mm tube.

Nose Cone

This BT-80 nose cone was designed in house, and is nearly seamless. They are a big improvement on previous nose cones we've offered. It has an anchor for a shock cord built into the shoulder (though on this kit, the parachute is stored in the aft section).


The fins are comprised of 3 separate pieces. They require a bit more to put together than your standard through-the-wall fins, but are worth the extra work for the visual benefits to the finished product.


This kit includes a 32" plastic parachute and a 7ft #300 Kevlar shock cord.

Baffle, Centering Rings and Motor Retention

The centering rings are closely tied into the motor retention system on the Amarok. It utilizes a threaded-rod motor retention system, which is secured to the rocket through the centering ring.

Threaded-Rod Retainer

This kit utilizes a threaded-rod style retainer, similar to the ones popularized by the Cosmodrome Rocketry kits.

It mounts into the centering rings and alongside the motor mount tube.

Display Stand

This kit includes a display stand so you can proudly show off your finished product!


The decals included are high quality vinyl printed on white decal paper.


The instructions included are highly detailed and contain many illustrations. Makes it quite easy to put together this rocket, even though it is more complicated than our typical level 3 kit.