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Book N-1 For the Moon and Mars Part 2 Hardcover (2nd Edition) ALT N-1 Part 2 Hardcover

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ALT N-1 Part 2 Hardcover
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Book N-1  For the Moon and Mars- A Bold Vision- The Soviet Superbooster Program and Its Reach Beyond The Moon 1940-2040  (Part 2) 

Hardcover October 20, 2022

by Matthew Lawrence Johnson (Author), Alex Shliadinsky (Contributor), Nick Stevens (Contributor), Igor Bezyeav (Contributor), Vladimir Antipov (Contributor), Pavel Shubin (Contributor), Jack Hagerty (Contributor), Charles Vick (Contributor)

Comprehensive reference study of the Soviet Lunar, Mars and Orbital program with the N1 superbooster as its pole-star. The study ranges from 1940 to 2040. The 2nd edition adds greater detail in N1 measurements by Alex Shliadinsky and information on the extended program for the N1 using Hydrogen and Fluorine engines. Extensive technical information has been added thanks to the collaboration with Charles Vick, the Image Analyst who first drew the images of the N1 for the Western Press. Unprecedented access to RKK Roskosmos' Encyclopedia yielded a complete set of detailed space fairing plans for the Russian Federation through 2040. The book includes detailed drawings by master CGI Artist Nick Stevens with new measurements down to the millimeter for the scale modeler. Increasing the original two-hundred-page volume to over seven-hundred pages through over 32 months of research effort, this second edition is a treasure-trove of information and minute details of the entire program. With the advent of the Ukraine war, this access represents the last communications with our Russian contacts for some time to come.


 (Book is split into Part 1 and Part 2 only due to spline concerns at printing)