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Book N-1 For the Moon and Mars Part 1 Hardcover (2nd Edition) ALT N-1 Part 1 Hardcover

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ALT N-1 Part 1 Hardcover
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Book  Part 1

N-1 For the Moon and Mars- A Bold Vision- The Soviet Superbooster Program and Its Reach Beyond the Moon 1940-2024  (2nd Edition)



by Matthew Lawrence Johnson (Author), Alex Shliadinsky (Contributor), Nick Stevens (Contributor), Igor Bezyeav (Contributor), Vladimir Antipov (Contributor), Pavel Shubin (Contributor), Jack Hagerty (Contributor), Charles P. Vick (Contributor)

Detailed analysis of the N1 superbooster and the Soviet/Russian space program with the aid of access to the RKK Encyclopedia , Cosmonautica and the addition of legendary image analyist Charles Vick. This 2nd edition improves on all measurement made in the original 2013 edition and explores the impact of the N1 program on the Soviet/Russian space effort from 1940 up to 2040. All of the CGI work has been enhanced. New access to the metal stress test model of the N1 by Alex Shliadinsky had yielded improved measurements for the modeler.

Measurements down to the millimeter.


 (Book is split into Part one and Part 2 due to spine concerns at printing)