Space Exploration Merit Badge Class - May 11, 2024

Space Exploration Merit Badge Class - May 11, 2024

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Space Exploration Merit Badge Class - May 11, 2024 - at eRockets, 1510 Springfield St, Dayton, OH

This class specifically for Scouts that are in the process of earning their Space Exploration Merit Badge and is sponsored by eRockets and the Wright Stuff Rocketeers(WSR)


Class instructors will included: Randy Boadway, President of eRockets, Dave Combs, President of WSR, and other members of the rocketry community

When you sign up please include each students name in the shopping cart

It is fine for individuals or groups of people to attend this class, each student will be responsible for signing up and paying the fee prior to the start of class.  All class registration is on line and we will not be accepting walk ins.  When the class of 45 is full there will be no more seats available to purchase on-line.



For this event, you will need:


·         A current version (2020 requirements) of the Space Ex Merit Badge book. You can get this from the Scout Shop or someone in your troop.


·         A Merit Badge Application card (the “blue card”), filled out by your Scoutmaster.


·         A printed copy of the Space Ex Merit Badge workbook, available here:


At the build/fly class, we will provide:


·         A model rocket kit and two engines, to complete requirement 3 (two flights and successful recovery).


·         Building supplies, such as glue, sandpaper, and tape.


·         A copy of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) safety code, which you will be expected to follow during the rocket launch.


·         An electrically-operated rocket launching system.


·         Additional information about space flight, our space program, and the rocketry hobby.


Before the event, read the entire Merit Badge book and use it to complete the questions in the workbook. A Merit Badge Counselor will review your workbook while you build your rocket. We will fly your rocket at nearby Washington Park on Garland Avenue, just a few blocks from eRockets. Adult leaders: We may need you to transport the Scouts to the park so please plan on staying for the duration of the event. When we’re done flying, your workbook and your completed blue card, to be returned to your Scoutmaster.


BE PREPARED to be called upon to give answers from your workbooks. This class is not a lecture; you need to participate to prove you understand the material. We are very excited about aerospace and rocketry, and we hope to pass this enthusiasm on to you.



This class will begin at 9am and go until 4pm. The class will start at eRockets which is located at 1510 Springfield St, Dayton, Ohio, there is plenty of parking in the back off of Winston Ave

Please plan on providing your own lunch, a lunch break will be planned.

Please be prepared to travel to the local park to fly your rocket, you will be responsible for getting to and from Washington Playground Park at Woodley Rd and N Wright Ave in Dayton. (this is walkable but, a half mile away)

Please be prepared for the weather for that day, jackets and rain gear might be required.  You could be on the flying field for multiple hours.  Unless there is lightning, or high winds we are not likely to cancel the outdoor portion of this class.


The class will include:

1- Quest Payloader One Rocket(which you get to keep and take home)

2- Estes Motors, wadding, starters and plugs(these will be used on the field)

WSR will be providing all of the launch infrastructure


Upon completion of this class you will have completed all of the requirements of the Space Exploration Merit Badge and your blue card can be signed by an authorized instructor that day.  If you fail to complete the at home reading and learning prior to class you will need to complete that prior to getting signed off on the class.