Public Missiles PML Flying Model Rocket Kit 3.9" Andromeda  PML 3.9Andromeda  Special Order

Public Missiles PML Flying Model Rocket Kit 3.9" Andromeda PML 3.9Andromeda Special Order

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PML 3.9Andromeda
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Skill Level:
Motor Mount Size:
54mm, 38mm

Public Missiles PML Flying Model Rocket Kit 3.9" Andromeda PML 3.9Andromeda  Special Order Only

This kit includes the HAMR-54 Motor Retainer and HAMR-54/38 Adapter!

Andromeda comes standard with pre-beveled 0.093" G-10 fins! The Quantum Tube airframe, thick plastic nosecone, and parachute are chosen for their reliability and durability in order to survive the rigors of repeat flights. The HAMR-54 set included with this kit allows you to fly H-J motors, making it ideal for both Levels 1 & 2. By using the included HAMR-54/38 adapter, she can accommodate 38mm, or 54mm motors so you can fly anywhere, anytime. This beautiful rocket is both easy to build and a joy to fly.

Pre-slotted Quantum Tube airframe

G-10 fiberglass fins


Plastic Nose Cone

12" Payload Bay

Rail Guides for 10/10 Rail

Andromeda 54/38 Kit Instructions

Andromeda 54/38 RockSim file

Quantum Airframes:

The Quantum Tube (QT), is made from a special blended polymer that is extremely durable and easy to use. You will find this material easy to work with and very forgiving. Most hobby type epoxies and paints will readily adhere to this material. The Quantum Tube can be squeezed, dropped, or even thrown and will not suffer any damage as can sometimes occur to cardboard or phenolic tube. The Quantum Tubes are molded in medium gray and have a glass smooth finish. The Quantum Tube does have one thing missing, the spiral groove! You will appreciate the fact that you no longer have to fill and sand the airframes to achieve the perfect finish.  

Diameter: 3.9"

Height: 64.5"

Motor Mount Size: 54/38 Adapter Included

Weight: 104oz

60" Nylon Parachute

Payload: 12"

G10 Fin Thickness: 0.093" Pre Beveled

Certification Level: Level 2

Motors: J357-14W(4800'), J370-14G(4950'), J400-15R(5300'), J480-15(5650') Motors

Skill Level Pro


Model Rocket Kits are rated by Skill Level

1 Beginner

2 Intermediate

3 Advanced

4 Expert

5 Master

Pro High Power 

If you are just starting in the hobby start at the beginner level and move up from there at your own pace.

What is needed to build and fly

All model rockets come in kit form that require assembly.  The materials are primarily cardboard tubes, balsa or plastic fins and nose cone.  Materials will vary by model and are typically specified in the description of each kit. 

Additional supplies will be necessary to build and finish your model rocket kit and may include:

Scissors, Hobby Knife


Wood Glue, Model Cement or CA(Super Glue)


Masking Tape

Finishing Supplies like:

Wood Filler



Launching Equipment and Supplies like:

Recovery wadding

Launch Pad

Launch Controller

Power supply

Model Rocket Motors and Igniters

A safe place to fly using guidelines from the National Association of Rocketry Safety Code that can be found at