eRockets Fire Fighting Backpack

eRockets Fire Fighting Backpack ERK 9055 Discontinued

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ERK 9055
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eRockets Fire Fighting Backpack  ERK 9055


  • 4 gallon capacity

  • 2 minutes of fire fighting

  • 44 to 58 PSI

  • Spray range 31” with 28” wand

  • Backpack design makes it quick and easy to deploy


 This eRockets™ Fire Fighting Backpack is specifically designed for use in fighting fires on the model rocket flying field.  Do not use this product for any other purpose.

This fire fighting backpack is not a toy, do not allow children to play with it.  Horseplay can be dangerous; do not spray individuals with this eRockets™ Fire Fighting Backpack.

Inspect the backpack for loose or broken parts prior to use.  Do not use if it is damaged.

Only use clean water in the backpack, dirt and sand can be damaging to the device.  To fill the backpack, unscrew the tank lid, pour water in, replace lid and screw on tightly.  The rubber ring inside the lid will prevent leakage.

Before placing the backpack on your back release the Pump Handle Lock and push handle down.  Adjust the length of the straps to fit snugly on your back. 

Pump the handle up and down to pressurize the backpack before and during use.  Press the trigger to spray, use the trigger lock to keep the water flow on.

To be effective the eRockets™ Fire Fighting Backpack must be filled with 4 gallons of clean water and kept on a table near the rocket flying range.

For best results wave the applicator wand back and forth along the front edge of the fire.  If the fire is not out after 2 minutes of discharging water seek additional assistance in fighting the fire.  This may require assistance from a fire department.

The warnings and cautions discussed in this manual cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur.  The operator must understand that common sense and caution are factors that cannot be built into this device, but must be supplied by the operator.

Personal Safety: 

When filled with 4 gallons of water the backpack will weigh about 40.4 pounds.  Use caution when putting the backpack on your back.  The backpack is best placed on your back from sitting on a table or with the assistance of another individual.  Practice putting the backpack on and use of the backpack prior to actually fighting a fire.


Wipe the eRockets™ Fire Fighting Backpack with a clean rag and mild soapy water if it gets dirty.

Empty the device of water whenever it leaves the field or goes into storage.  The weight of the water may cause the device to move around when being moved in a vehicle.  In cold weather conditions the water can freeze and damage your device.

Unscrew and clean the nozzle if the water spray is not consistent.

Remove and clean the strainer under the tank lid when it is has caught debris.

Assembly:   Insert end of wand into end of wand handle assembly.  Slide hose nut over threaded end of handle and tighten hose nut securely.

This product was manufactured for eRockets™, Dayton, Ohio with only the best quality parts and materials.

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