Excel Knife K4 Swivel w/ Safety Cap   EXL 16004

Excel Knife K4 Swivel w/ Safety Cap EXL 16004

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EXL 16004
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Excel Knife K4 Swivel w/ Safety Cap  16004

K4 Swivel Craft knife comes with #64 rotating blade
Blade rotates 360 degrees
Handle includes a textured grip, allowing for maximum control, unparalleled movement and incredible balance when compared to any other precision craft knife.
Used for: cutting circle and creating curved lines in various materials such as paper, foam, and vinyl
Use with: foam, plastic, wood, cloth, film, polymer clay, cork, clay carving, pumpkin carving.
Used by: graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists and crafters
.31" x 4.75"
Fits with Excel Blades #64 Swivel Blade

Includes safety cap
Made in the USA