Excel Blade #13 Fine Saw (5pk)   EXL 20013

Excel Blade #13 Fine Saw (5pk) EXL 20013

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EXL 20013
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Excel Blade #13 Fine Saw (5pk)  EXL 20013

Durable high carbon steel blade

Pack of 5

3" long, fine saw blade

40 Teeth per Inch

This versatile replacement blade fits with all medium duty X-acto style knives

Used for: brass tube, solid rod stock, plastic, wood, soft metals, balsa wood, forge world resin, cork, foam, card-stock and most other light-medium duty crafting like carving pumpkins

Fits with: K1, K3, K17, K18, K26 & K30

L – 1.708"/ H – 0.235"/ E – 1.5"/ S – 0.25"/ T – 0.022"

Made in the USA