Tamiya Surface Primer-G Liquid 40ml  TAM 87075

Tamiya Surface Primer-G Liquid 40ml TAM 87075

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TAM 87075
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Tamiya Surface Primer-G Liquid 40ml  TAM 87075

In order to smooth over small scratches etc., many modelers have created their own liquified putty by dissolving putty with lacquer thinner. Tamiya now makes this process a whole lot easier by releasing their very own liquified putty, Liquid Surface Primer. Just brush/airbrush on over scratches, rough areas etc. and you will get that perfect smooth finish.

  • Applies easily to small areas using a modeling brush
  • Can be used on plastic, metal and wooden models
  • Can be further diluted using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner, allowing it to be used in airbrushes.

1.35 Fluid ounce(40ml)

Directions:  Only use in a well ventilated area. Remove dust, oil, rust,mold release, wax,etc before applying. Mix well before applying.If the viscosity is too high, use Lacquer Thinner to thin.

First Aid: In case of eye or skin contact, wash immediately with plenty of water.  If swallowed contact Poison Control 1-800222-1222 or your physician or emergency room.  If Inhaled, move to fresh air, and get medical attention if severe reactions.

Warning: This product contains chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. 

Conforms to ASTM D-4336

Keep out of the reach of children

for Adult modelers over the age of 14

Made in Japan