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Estes Flying Model Rocket Starter Set Colonizer with Motors EST 5322 <Required to Pay for Parcel Select Shipping>

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EST 5322
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Product Description

Estes Flying Model Rocket Starter Set Colonizer with Motors  EST 5322 <Required to Pay for Parcel Select Shipping>

This kit includes:

1- Estes Destination Mars MAV(Red) Flying Model Rocket Kit

1- Estes Launch Controller (Requires 4- AA Batteries Not Included)

1- Estes Launch Pad

2- Estes C6-3 Motors, Starters and Plugs

1- Recovery Wadding

Estes Flying Model Rocket Kit Destination Mars MAV(Red)

Almost everything required to launch your own Mars colonization missions. Comes with the easy-to-assemble, fully decorated Colonizer rocket kit, launch pad, launch controller (batteries not included), Estes engines, and launch supplies. The Colonizer Starter Set is just what you need to begin your model rocketry journey. Just add a little imagination and you!

Getting to Mars is tough. Staying there is even tougher. The first five Mars Expeditions were short-stay, exploratory landings. These missions were laying the groundwork for something bigger: a permanent Mars base. On July 31, 2044, Mars Expedition Six touched-down at Chryse Planitia using a modified MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle) Lander. Once safely on the surface, this MAV variant, designated “The Colonizer,” was not equipped to lift-off again. By discarding the extra mass of the ascent engine and ascent fuel, the Colonizer was able to maximize its cargo capacity and carry the critical supplies for the first Mars base. The Colonizer was humanity’s declaration that we had come to the red planet to stay!

Mars may be tough, but the Estes Destination Mars Colonizer Starter Set isn’t. The Beginner-Level Colonizer kit goes together quickly – no cutting, sanding, or painting required! All rocket parts, from the detail molded nosecone, to the realistic landing struts are pre-finished and ready to install – all you need is a little glue! Even the body tube comes pre-wrapped with an intricate, full color, custom printed graphic. This is a model that everyone will notice! Comes equipped with great functional details, too, like the threaded engine mount and large, 18 inch parachute. It’s hard to find a cooler easy-to assemble rocket than the Mars Colonizer!

But this is so much more than just a great looking rocket! The Estes starter set includes almost everything you need to launch your Mars Colonizer on its own simulated mission to the red planet. Set up the Estes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and prep your rocket for flight with an included Estes C6-3 engine, a model rocket starter, engine plug, and recovery wadding. Carefully connect the leads from the Electron Beam Launch Controller (four AA-batteries, not included) to the starter, step back a safe distance, and you’re ready for countdown and liftoff! Create your own missions and explore the sky and beyond…Mars is waiting for you!

LAUNCH SYSTEM includes Porta-Pad II Launch Pad and Electron Beam Launch Controller.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BUILD: Plastic cement and masking tape. (Tools, construction and finishing supplies not included.)

WHAT YOU NEED TO LAUNCH (sold separately): Estes model rocket engines, starters and recovery wadding. Four 1.5V high quality AA alkaline batteries are also required for launch controller (not included).

Skill Level 1 Beginner

Detail Molded Plastic Nose Cone

Motor Retained by screw on cap

19" Parachute Recovery

Length 12.7"(32.3cm)

Diameter 1.64"(42mm)

Estimated Weight 3.2oz(90.7g)

Estimated Assembly Time 1 Hour (painting and glue drying time not included) Download Instructions

Plastic Fins

Pre applied wrap on body tube

1/8" Launch Lug

Recommended Engines C5-3, C6-3

Projected Max Altitude 250'(76m)


Model Rocket Kits are rated by Skill Level

E2X Easy to Assemble

1 Beginner

2 Intermediate

3 Advanced

4 Expert

5 Master

If you are just starting in the hobby start at the beginner level and move up from there at your own pace.

What is needed to build and fly

All model rockets come in kit form that require assembly.  The materials are primarily cardboard tubes, balsa or plastic fins and nose cone.  Materials will vary by model and are typically specified in the description of each kit. 

Additional supplies will be necessary to build and finish your model rocket kit and may include:

Scissors, Hobby Knife


Wood Glue, Model Cement or CA(Super Glue)


Masking Tape

Finishing Supplies like:

Wood Filler



Launching Equipment and Supplies like:

Recovery wadding

Launch Pad

Launch Controller

Power supply

Model Rocket Motors and Igniters

A safe place to fly using guidelines from the National Association of Rocketry Safety Code

Other Details

Skill Level:
1 Beginner
Motor Mount Size:

Warranty Information

Full one year warranty through manufacturer

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