Altaira Rocketry Flying Model Rocket Kit The Cremator  ALT 1702

Altaira Rocketry Flying Model Rocket Kit The Cremator ALT 1702

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ALT 1702
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3 Advanced
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Altaira Rocketry Flying Model Rocket Kit The Cremator  1702

We all have suffered the loss of a loved one, dear friend or pet (Daisy the Rocket Dog for example) who was an avid Rocketeer. While traveling along the path of our lives, perhaps sitting around after a good launch day, it has been said that the topic of one’s own “Essential Saltes” disbursement has come up. Born Again Rocketeers have long made honorable memorial launches in memory of fellow rocketeers who have passed on. Some have even dared to dispense with a quantum of “Essential Saltes”* upon ejection.

At last, the long-held tradition of honoring rocketeers who have passed on has been standardized with The Cremator, the new kit from Altaira Rocketry, producer of the 1/122 N1.

The Cremator can assist one with the desire to send off ones’ self, loved ones or even beloved pets. With the kit’s Cremator Disbursal-Wish Document, ready for Notary-Public certification, it can also serve to insure that you get tribute you always wanted and deserve by being legally documented. Simply build the Cremator and inform your designated launch advocate. Once they agree and understand your wishes, you can have the Disbursal-Wish Document Notarized and stored in a safe place. Then place the cremator in a good display area and enjoy life to the fullest.

The Cremator offers the disbursal operation by using a six-inch “pine coffin” coffin as a nosecone with a spring loaded door to see the “Essential Saltes” away at apogee.

Displays of conscience can be made by the rocketeer by choosing from sixteen different memorial large decal themes for the oversized fins: Chi-Rho, Crucifix, Elder Sign, Wiccan, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Masonic, Hindu, Nihilist, Ying/Yang, Eye of Ra, Pastifarian, The Grim Reaper, Pets or a Custom Design. The selection of decal of choice can be made when making the EBay order, eRockets order, or by email to Altaira afterwards. Custom design JPEGs can be submitted as well.

With the generous donation of Daisy the Rocket Dog’s cremains by eRockets’ Randy Boadway as a test, it became clear that The Cremator, built with a 24mm or 29mm motor mount (both included), must fly on an F motor or higher due the weight factor once commissioned. The kit comes complete with a twenty-four inch parachute, Laser Cut parts, fins, and display stand, and water-slide decals. The kit retails on EBay and eRockets for $39.88. Altaira Rocketry’s EBAY store is under the seller klaatuberattanikto.

*Thank you H. P. Lovecraft, “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.”

-Skill Level 3   

-30 Inches Long

-24/29mm Power

-Laser Cut Fins and Parts

-Water Slide Decals       

Full one year warranty through manufacturer

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