Aerotech 29mm Composite Model Rocket Motor Single Use G78-7G(1pk)  AER 77407

Aerotech 29mm Composite Model Rocket Motor Single Use G78-7G(1pk) AER 77407

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AER 77407
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Aerotech 29mm Composite Model Rocket Motor Single Use G78-7G(1pk)  AER 77407

These high performance, composite propellant model rocket motors use the same family of solid propellant as NASA’s Space Shuttle Boosters, military missiles, sounding rockets, and NASA’s future SLS moon rocket. They utilize a patent pending high-strength polymer case and bulkhead, polymer nozzle and RCSs exclusive Mojave Green™ aerospace grade composite propellant formulation, which produces a brilliant green exhaust plume with a moderate amount of smoke. Mojave Green™ motors high density and specific impulse delivers a higher total impulse in each motor size than any other AeroTech propellant.

This AeroTech motor pack comes with 1 rocket motor and 1 FirstFire™ Jr. Initiator. 

Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR).



Motor Diameter: 1.125 inches (29mm)

Casing Length: 4.875 inches (124mm)

Total Impulse: 109.94 N-sec

Average Thrust: 79.9 newtons

Peak Thrust: 101.9 N-sec

Thrust Duration: 1.378 seconds

Delay Time: 7 seconds

Propellant Weight: 59.7 grams

Motor Weight: 125 grams

Maximum Liftoff Weight: Due to the variables involved, AeroTech/Quest currently does not list or post recommended maximum lift-off weights for their mid-power and high-power rocket motors. Instead, we recommend utilizing either the RockSim software available at or OpenRocket Simulator available at

Made in the USA

Safety Data Sheet


AeroTech/RCS will replace or repair any of its products which are proven to have failed to perform properly as a direct result of manufacturer defect.