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Sky Flying Model Rocket Kit Shenzhou 7150



Sky Flying Model Rocket Kit Shenzhou 7150

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Sky Flying Model Rocket Kit Shenzhou 7150

Shenzhou - China's First Manned Spacecraft

The Shenzhou is the name of the spacecraft that carried China's first astronauts (sometimes called Taikonauts) into earth orbit. The name Shenzhou loosely translates as "Divine Vessel." This is a 1:150th scale model of the rocket that launched the Shenzhou spacecraft. This kit features plastic nose cones and fins, and does NOT require any painting. It also includes a small model of the Shenzhou spacecraft. If you remove the solar panels, you can put it into the nose cone of the rocket and launch it high into the sky!

The Shenzhou rocket can fly with standard size rocket engines and is just as impressive in the sky as on the launch pad. It descends to the ground with a 12 inch diameter parachute.

Skill Level 3: Average Skills Needed

Length: 17.32" (43.99 cm)

Weight: 2.00 oz (56.7 g)

Diameter (Max): 0.87" (2.21 cm)

Motor Size: 18mm

Recovery System: 12" plastic parachute

Recommended engines:

B6-4, C6-5

D10-5, D21.4T


Tim Shenzhou

Apogee Components is pleased to import this model rocket kit from Shaanxi Zhongtian Rocket Technologies Co., Ltd, which is based in central China. They go by the name of "Sky" model rockets.

The quality of the kit is comparable to those made by other manufacturers. I'm impressed by the quality of the plastic parts, such as the injection molded fins, and the blow molded nose cone. The tubes are all convolutely wound, which is different from the traditional spiral-wound tubes made by other manufacturers. Other than that, about the only difference is that the engine mount is ever so slightly larger due to a small difference between the rocket motors flown by Chinese modelers versus the standard 18mm diameter motors flown here in the USA. But 18mm diameter motors work just fine in this kit; no modifications are needed. If you like the Sky Shenzhou model rocket kit, be sure to check out the other kits made by the "Sky" rocket company.


Kit Features

Shenzhou spacecraft model is INCLUDED! The molded spacecraft has detachable solar panels. If you remove them, the capsule will fit inside the nose cone can can be launched with the rocket.

Shenzhou spacecraft

Convolutely wound paper body tubes. The tubes and rings of the CZ-2E rocket are unique in that they are convolutely rolled, as opposed to the spiral-wound tubes that are in other rockets. Convolutely wound means a whole sheet of paper was rolled up to make a tube. It is a little bit stronger than a spiral wound tube because there are no seams along the length of the tube. The other advantage of this is that the pattern of the rocket can be printed right on the model! With this rocket, you'll get a multi-color pattern that looks great when sitting on your display shelf.

Plastic Fin Unit. The clear (actually a milky-white color) fins can be installed for flight, or if you are only displaying this model, they can be left off for a more accurate representation of the real rocket. The plastic used in the fins is flexible, so the rocket can take a really hard landing and the fins will always survive.

Plastic fins

Plastic display nozzles. The simulated nozzles are glued to the base of the fin can, and give your rocket a nice finished look. They stay on during flight, just in case you were wondering.

Easy-to-Follow English Instructions. Apogee Components did the translation, so you know that they will be easy to follow.

Injection molded plastic nose cone. The quality of the molding is near perfect, there are no seam lines at all! And this has got to be the thickest walled plastic I've ever seen in a model rocket. But for this model, it needs the extra weight to insure the rocket is stable when flown. The fins are a bit small, so I'd even recommend a few extra grams of clay shoved into the nose cone to give it more stability.

Shenzhou nose cone

Molded-plastic Conformal Launch Lug with built-in stand-off. Because the nose cone diameter is larger than the tube, the launch lug needs a short stand-off. The Sky model rocket company chose to go with extra quality and mold a plastic launch lug. The base of the lug is rounded so it conforms to the curvature of the body tube. It is very cool, and is a nice touch that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

High-Quality Pressure Sensitive Decals. While the tube is pre-printed with the correct markings, there are a couple of stickers that have to be placed on the nose cone. I'm very impressed by the quality of the decals. For being 'sticker-type' decals, they are very thin and therefore almost seem like they were silk-screened right onto the rocket. They are so thin in fact, that they include a clear acetate to protect the decal while you apply the decal to the rocket. Not only does it help to protect the decal while you're handling it, you don't touch the adhesive on the back of the decal and leave fingerprints or oil residue that might cause the edges to peel up. Once the decal is placed on the rocket and burnished down, you then peal off the clear protective plastic. It is really slick and well thought out!

The 12 inch diameter brightly-colored parachute that comes with the model makes it easy to see in the sky and when it lands on the ground. You'll feel a thrilling sense of accomplishment the first time you see that parachute blossom open in the sky. Watch the faces of the kids as they chase the rocket, and you'll see why rocketry is so much fun.

Elastic shock cord - Used to prevent the rocket from separating into multiple pieces.

Quick-release metal engine hook, that lets you swap out engines between flights in just seconds. The engine mount accepts the standard 18mm diameter rocket engines.


What Makes This a Skill Level 3 Rocket?

The one thing that I'd say puts this rocket into the Skill Level 3 category is the attachment of the strap-on boosters. You have to use a bit of care when assembling the rocket to make sure that they slide into the rings correctly. On the rocket I built, one tube was a little tight, so I had to sand out the inside of the ring slightly so the tube would slide in.

In all other respects, this rocket is straight-forward to build, and it can go together in less than an hour.


About the Real Chinese Shenzhou Rocket

The Chang Zheng-2F (English translation: "Long March 2F") is the man-rated launcher for the Shenzhou spacecraft. It is classified as a three-stage launch vehicle. But it has 4 liquid propellant strap-on boosters that assist the main engines at lift-off. The 203 feet tall, 11 feet diameter rocket was first launched in 1999, and is still in production by the nation of China.

For more information on this rocket, check out these web sites:

Encyclopedia Astronautica




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