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Rocketarium Flying Model Rocket Kit Roland Surface to Air Missile(SAM) RK-1027 TOOP

$34.99 $33.99
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Rocketarium Flying Model Rocket Kit Roland Surface to Air Missile(SAM) RK-1027 TOOP

$34.99 $33.99
(You save $1.00)
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Product Description

Rocketarium Roland Surface-To-Air Missile

The Roland was part of a mobile S.A.M. system. The missiles were fired from a tube. As soon as they left the tube, the fins popped into place.  Different versions were developed by the U.S. Army and the French/German armed forces. The US and European missiles were fully compatible. The US version never made it past the development stage and was never used in battle.

The model rocket comes with a lot of nose weight, required for stable flight. As a result, launches are slow and majestic. The weight limits altitude, which is great for smaller launch sites.  The kit includes all parts required to build the rocket, including parachute kit for recovery.


Overall length : 26.5"

Diameter : 1.637" (BT60)

Fin Span : 5.25"

Weight : 5.7oz

Skill Level 3

Recommended Motors

Estes®  D12-5

Reloadable Aerotech® RMS D15-5* (* Remove 2 sec using delay drilling tool from the 7 sec version of this reload)


There are two sets of pre-cut fins, one which is glued on the nose cone. A smaller BT20 tube is cut, using the provided cutter guide/template. These cut sections go on the bottom of the rocket (the blacks area on the bottom). Painting the Roland can also be a bit of a challenge. There are many areas to mask off, no decals are included. These challenges make it a skill level 3 kit.

Epoxy is also needed for assembly.


Model Rocket Kits are rated by Skill Level

1 Beginner

2 Intermediate

3 Advanced

4 Expert

5 Master

If you are just starting in the hobby start at the beginner level and move up from there at your own pace.

What is needed to build and fly

All model rockets come in kit form that require assembly.  The materials are primarily cardboard tubes, balsa or plastic fins and nose cone.  Materials will vary by model and are typically specified in the description of each kit. 

Additional supplies will be necessary to build and finish your model rocket kit and may include:

Scissors, Hobby Knife


Wood Glue, Model Cement or CA(Super Glue)


Masking Tape

Finishing Supplies like:

Wood Filler



Launching Equipment and Supplies like:

Recovery wadding

Launch Pad

Launch Controller

Power supply

Model Rocket Motors and Igniters

A safe place to fly using guidelines from the National Association of Rocketry Safety Code


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