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Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Rip-Roar DYN 5031

$49.99 $47.99
(You save $2.00)

Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Rip-Roar DYN 5031

$49.99 $47.99
(You save $2.00)
DYN 5031
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Product Description

Dynastar Flying Model Rocket Kit Rip-Roar

Skill Level 3: Average Skills Needed

Length: 28.50" (72.39 cm)

Weight: 7.90 oz (223.96 g)

Diameter (Max): 2.22" (5.64 cm)

Motor Size: 24mm

Recovery System: Booster: Tumble - Upper: 32" Plastic Parachute

Recommended motors:

Staging: C11-3/C11-0(518ft), C11-5/D12-0, D12-5/D12-0, D12-5/C11-0, E9-6/D12-0(1561ft)

Single Stage: C1-3(229ft), D12-5, E6-6, E9-6,F15W-7(1631ft), E30T-4, 



What could be more fun than a big rocket blazing a path into the sky?

Doing it two-stage of course!

The Rip-Roar kit from DynaStar Mid-Power Model Rockets is intended to get you a roaring applause whenever you fly it. When the first stage ignites, it rips its way off the pad and into the sky. But the fun doesn't stop there. Next, the booster stage drops off, and the second stage takes over and continues the roar to astonishing heights.

Finally, when the rocket seems to be just a tiny speck in the sky, the colorful parachute pops out, and the model gently floats back to the ground. Fly it again and again and get the same great applause.

The best feature is that while this is a big model rocket, it is lightweight and can use the inexpensive "D" size rocket motors. So you can get big-time fun with little rocket prices.

Pop-N'-Go Staging

This rocket was designed to be simple, simple, simple. It uses the simplest kind of staging, called direct staging (sometimes called Pop-N'-Go), where the booster stage ignites the upper stage. You don't need any expensive electronics or special starters, like those that are required on other "BIG" multi-stage rockets.

Another example of a simple feature is that the booster stage uses tumble recovery. That means it doesn't need a parachute or streamer to make it fall slowly to the ground. It tumbles end-over-end, and by doing so, it slows itself down. It lands very gently and safely. It is one of the biggest rockets ever made that utilizes the tumble recovery technique for the booster section.

Because of these simplifying features, this rocket is quite inexpensive compared to other big two stage rockets. You'll get the thrill of flying a big rocket with the loud roar of the motor and the billowing smoke. Yet you'll save money that you can use on other rockets.


Unusual Features

The most unusual feature about the Rip-Roar kit is that there is a gap between the first and second stage motors. Most two-stage rockets have the motors touching each other directly. But the Rip Roar model just doesn't seem to care about convention. It just works!

This allows the Rip-Roar to use the cheaper black-powder propellant motors, and simple direct-staging. Of all the two-stage rockets ever built, this is one of the easiest to prepare for flight. Just clip in the motors, drop in the wadding and the parachute, and you're ready to go.

Lift-off of the Rip-Roar Rocket


What Makes This A Skill Level 3 Rocket Kit?

From a building standpoint, this model is quite easy. It uses the traditional construction techniques you are familiar with from building smaller model rockets. And the instructions are absolutely phenomenal; there are lots of excellent illustrations that clarify the text.

Note: While the illustrations are superb, we still recommend actually reading the written portion of the instructions. You'll pick up a lot of new building tips that can be used on other rockets.

Easy-to-follow Illustrations

The only reason this is a Skill Level 3 Rocket, is the multi-color paint scheme. We painted ours black, red, orange and yellow. And then we applied the flame graphics that made this rocket great looking. But you can simplify the paint scheme, and then this rocket would be a simple Skill Level 2 bird.


Big Performance on Inexpensive Motors

Impressive launches!

Like the other kits from "DynaStar Mid-Power Rockets", the Rip-Roar is designed to fly on the less expensive "D" size black-powder rocket motors. And it will give you the same performance as other mid-power kits that require "E" and "F" size composite propellant rocket motors. The lighter weight rockets fly faster and higher.

How do you get the same performance using smaller motors? Simple: the DynaStar brand of rocket kits use thin-wall body tubes, which are significantly lighter. So the rocket doesn't need a big motor just to get it off the launch pad. You'll save money, because you don't necessarily need to buy larger rocket motors!


Kit Features

Plastic Nose Cone - The smooth plastic nose cone requires no finishing other than a coat of paint. Its 5:1 ogive shape is very efficient for high speed rocket flights.

Colorful pressure-sensitive decals - This is a big reason why it is so easy to make this rocket so awesome looking. It is just a matter of applying the sticker-like decals.

Die-cut balsa wood fins - Balsa wood is very lightweight and can be airfoiled by sanding to reduce the drag forces on the kit. This makes the rocket zoom higher and faster into the sky.

The model also comes with a high-strength, Kevlar® Shock cord. Kevlar is six times stronger than steel, and is also fire proof. It can easily withstand the high heat of ejection, ensuring the rocket descends as a single piece. This makes for a very durable rocket that can be launched again and again.

Spring-steel engine retainer clips allow you to swap out engines between flights in just milliseconds. It is really that fast!

Large 1/4 inch Launch Lug - Because this is a bigger model, you'll have a larger lug on the side of the rocket. This is used with mid-power size launch rods, to stabilize the rocket so it doesn't sway in the wind prior to launch.

The large 32" diameter plastic parachute that comes with the kit brings the rocket down slowly for a nice soft touchdown. The canopy on the parachute is a colorful black and yellow, which is easy to see in the sky, and when it lands on the grass. You'll also find that the chute has tear-proof adhesive rings that reinforce the points on the canopy where the shroud lines attach. These greatly strengthen the parachute canopy, making it practically impossible to damage the parachute. Because this is a big rocket, the parachute is an octagon shape, instead of being a hexagon. Therefore, it has two more suspension lines, meaning it can carry a heavier rocket down to the ground.

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