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Book Make: Rockets by Mike Westerfield MM 2921


Book Make: Rockets by Mike Westerfield MM 2921

MM 2921
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Product Description

Book Make: Rockets by Mike Westerfield

Make: Rockets, Down to Earth Rocket Science, is for all the science geeks who look at the moon and try to figure out where Neil Armstrong walked, watch in awe as rockets lift off, and want to fly their own model rockets.

Starting from the ground up you how to build all sorts of rockets and associated equipment with clear, step-by-step directions. It's easy to skip the more detailed material, but when you are ready, Make: Rockets will help you rise to new heights with detailed coverage of the math and science behind building, flying and tracking rockets. 

You will learn:

* How to safely build and fly solid propellant, water and air powered rockets.
* All the techniques needed to build model rockets, launchers and trackers.
* How to recover rockets by parachute, streamer, glider, helicopter recovery and more.
* How to fly payloads like cameras, altimeters and the ever popular egg lofter!
* How to pick the right motor and parachute for any rocket or payload.
* Aerodynamic principles for designing stable, low drag rockets that slip through the air--including one rocket that can hit 500 mph!
* How to use free rocket simulators to figure out about how high a rocket will go before you fly it.
* How to track the rocket and figure out how high and fast it really went.

If you are a hobbyist just getting started with rocketry, a teacher or parent looking for ways to get kids interested in math and science, or an advanced rocketeer who wants a deep understanding of the science and math behind rocket flight, this book is for you.

Product details
Age Range: 12 and up
Series: Make
Paperback: 520 pages
Publisher: Maker Media, Inc; 1 edition (September 22, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1457182920
ISBN-13: 978-1457182921
Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 1 x 9.8 inches

Editorial Reviews


"What a great introduction to model rocketry. I am amazed at the variety of projects, from soda straws to competitive, multi-stage solid propellant. MAKE: Rockets has something for everyone. This book is a must for any enthusiast. Entertaining and educational, this book is a blast."
--Dr. KENNETH MORELAND, computer software research and development

"With painstaking detail, Mike built and tested every model in the book. His meticulous research and development will be appreciated by both beginner and expert rocketeers. MAKE: Rockets is a perfect book for individuals, science classes, maker camps, and scouts."
--RICK SCHERTLE, co-founder,

"MAKE: Rockets, by Mike Westerfield, is an excellent introductory guide to all types of rocketry, covering the basic principles of rocketry from simple hands-on experiments to detailed how-to instructions for building your own rockets and even instructions to build his cleverly designed rocket launchers of all types. If you are interested in learning more about model rocketry, MAKE: Rockets is the ideal hands-on guide."
--KEITH VIOLETTE, mechanical designer/inventor, DEKA Research and Development

"This book is a must-have for anyone interested in model rocketry. It is engaging and fun to read, providing a wealth of information from the very basics to the somewhat technical. Whether it is your first launch or your 1000th, you will find this book useful and enlightening."
--KEVIN RYAN, software engineer, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

From the Author

This book is all about learning by doing. You'll get instructions showing exactly how to build over a dozen rockets, launchers and trackers. Along the way, you will need some parts. As you buy the book, here are a few things to consider:

Most of the solid-propellent rockets in the book can be build from parts in the Estes Designer Special. Amazon has a good price on this collection of parts. You can also buy individual parts from various model rocket suppliers.

There are a few parts you will need for some of the later rockets that are not in the Estes Designer Special. You may want to wait to browse through the book before getting them, but if you're anxious to get started, hunt down the following parts. If you aren't sure what they are, wait a bit. The book will fill you in.

1. One or two BT-60 to BT-70 balsa transitions. (One each for the egg lofter and a general purpose payload bay.)

2. One or two BT-70 balsa nose cones. (One each for the egg lofter and a general purpose payload bay.)

3. A BT-60 to BT-80 balsa transition and a BT-80 balsa nose cone for the camera payload

4. A small camera such as the Y-2000.

5. Two extra BT-60 body tubes for payload boosters, a BT-70 body tube for the egg lofter and general purpose payload bay, and a BT-80 for the camera payload.

6. Two extra BT-20 nose cones. I used blunt balsa ones for the glider and helicopter recovery rocket, but you can substitute.

For the launcher, you will need a keyless drill chuck and a 1/2-20 thread and a 3" long 1/2-20 bolt, as well as a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug and socket for the 12 volt external power connection. (You can build the launchers without these parts, or even retro fit them later.)

Most of these parts are available right here on Amazon. You might as well get that free shipping! All other parts are usually easy to find locally.

One member of the local rocket club decided I wrote this book to have an excuse to build a lot of rockets, launchers and trackers. I asked him not to spill my secrets to my wife. I hope you'll keep it quiet too, and that you have as much fun building them as I did!

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